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Baby Shower Items

- Pink Watercolour Elephant 


1x Who knows Mummy best?
1x Who knows Daddy best?
1x Candy guessing game
1x Emoji Pictionary 
1x Wishes for the Baby


1x Gifts & Cards Please Leave Your gifts for the sweet little peanut here Thank you! (8.5x11)
1x Welcome to Chrissy & Heaths Baby Shower 21st September 2019 (24x36)
1x Guess Baby Peanut's Birthday (20x30)
1x A message from the bump - I just LOVE this! but i need to add dad onto it if possible as they are having a joint shower not just mum please. (8.5x11)

Bridal Shower Items 

- Purple Confetti 


1x Bridal Emoji Pictionary
1x Whats on your phone
1x My Favorite Memory with the bride
1x How Many Kisses
1x Put a ring on it

1x Enjoy some Food (8.5x11)
1x Sweets & Treats (8.5x11)
1x Drinks (8.5x11)
1x Please leave a message for the bride to be (8.5x11)
1x Welcome to Michelles Bridal Shower 30th November 2019 (24x36)
1x Invitation (5x7)

1. Add ANY 10 individual Baby Shower, Bridal Shower, or Bachelorette games to your cart and ONLY PAY FOR 5
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