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Is it really a baby shower if you don’t have fun and slightly crude games to have your guests in stitches? We don’t think so! Baby shower games are such an easy way to spice up your event, whether it’s a traditional shower or a gender reveal. They are fun ice breakers, and we have a range of hilarious games that are definitely not for the blushing mom-to-be! Here are our favourites.

1. Porn or Labour

One of the original greats, this game is one that everyone will love. You have to guess whether the woman in the photo is in labour pain, or in an adult film! Bonus points if you recognise her (although we understand if you’d rather keep that bit quiet!). This is perfect to play with your best mates, and is guaranteed to have everyone laughing in no time.

Porn or Labour Baby Shower Game in Pink & Gold

2. Baby Bump or Beer Belly

Can you tell whether the belly has a baby inside it, or just lots of beer? Another fun photo game, this is a game that everyone can play, including the kids. Great for testing your baby bump skills!

Baby Bump or Beer Belly Baby Shower Game in Gold Confetti

3. Baby Around the World

Do you know how different languages say the word ‘baby’? You soon will! Baby Around the World takes you on a whistle stop tour of various countries, and you have to work out which word matches which language. Perfect for the travel bugs out there, it’s also hilarious if you get everyone to try and pronounce the word.

Baby Around the World Baby Shower Game in Gold Confetti

4. Celebrity Baby Names

Do you know your Blue Ivy from your Sunday Rose? This a fun game to test your celebrity baby knowledge. as well as have a giggle at some of the names!

Celebrity Baby Name Game - Baby Shower Games - Pink & Gold

5. Impregnate the Egg!

Can you impregnate the egg?! Its like pin the tail on the donkey, except this time, you have to pin the sperm on on the egg. Hilarious and guaranteed lots of laughs, this is one of those games your guests will remember long after your baby shower.

 Pin the Sperm on the Egg Baby Shower Game Printable


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